Nice Birthday SMS

Smiles and laughter
joy and cheer
New happiness
that stays throught the year
Hope your birthday brings
all this and more
Filling life with
surprise and joys
Happy Birthday.


Knock! Knock!
May i come in?
i bring
no flowers,
no gifts,
but wished to keep you fresh
prayers to keep you healthy
& f'ship to keep you smiling
Happy B'day.


May this year
brings to you
endless opportunities.
May your Destinies
see new heights
and your heart blossom
with fathomless love..
have a wonderful birthday.


Blessings may come
as a surprise,
and how much you receive
depends on
how much your heart can beleive
May you always be blessed
beyond what you expect
Happy birthday dear.


A heartful wish for you..
In simple words but true
may the best come to you
in every thing you do
Wish you a happy birthday

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