Diary Of a Baby Girl

Diary of a baby firl:

15 jun:
I got attached
with ovary.

17 jun:
I am a tissue now.

30 jun:
mom said to dad
"you are going
to be a father."

Mom and Dad
are very happy

15 jul:
my food is
what my mom eats.

15 sept:
I can feel
my heartbeat.

14 oct:
I have little hands,
legs, head and stomach

13 nov:
today, i was
in a ultrascan

wow! i am a girl.

14 nov:
I was dead.

my mom and dad
killed me


It is just because
i was a girl?

people love to have
a mother, wife and
ofcourse a girlfriend too.

Then why not a daughter?

If you are a human..

Stop female foeticide

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